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Linda's Technique

Artist Statement

Each piece of fabric is individually hand painted as if it were a canvas. I use non-toxic, green label dyes that are manufactured specifically for silk and cotton. The color palate displayed on my garments and accessories changes as new colors are developed to represent a season or convey an emotion.


Silk provides a variety of textures! Bubble stretch silk is tightly gathered and "bubbly," while chiffon is ethereal, moving gracefully in the air's current. The new cotton blends that contain modal are equally flowing and luxurious to the skin.


These various characteristics are quite appealing to me as an artist, especially when wrapped around the human form.


My garments are one of a kind . . . just like my customers.            


Linda has been a practicing and exhibiting fine artist in the Pacific Northwest for 34 years and a professional fiber artist for the past 11 years. While working as a conceptual installation artist, she began designing for EGO Originals, hand painting silks and velvets for their national art-to-wear line, eventually becoming the head surface designer. It is there that she gained a love for fiber art, eventually starting her own line of clothing.


"I fell in love with the textures and the ethereal qualities that silk provides, creating large 'fiber paintings' and exhibiting them in galleries and public spaces. Eventually, I began creating smaller, wearable pieces as women's accessories and clothing. Out of the desire to beautify the human form with creative artistic integrity, I create art to wear clothing.... Underground Spring Clothing." Linda Spring

Linda's dye studio is located in Bend, Oregon, where she's lived for nineteen years, continuing her passion as an art advocate and art educator.

Linda Spring, in Bend, Oregon, is the quintessential independent spirit

The fabric is the medium but the art is in the hand painted technique utilizing environmentally inspired patterns.