Inspired Design

​Diamond Plate - Thick aluminum with a cross hatch raised pattern. 

Grill - A cast iron grill used in most outdoor cooking.

Freeform Roller - A three inch paint roller.

Tree Bark - Ponderosa tree bark transformed into a plexiglass printing stamp.

Jute - This jute has been woven into a contemporary plaid pattern.   

Shobori - An ancient Japanese dying technique that is applied here in a unique way.

Drizzle - Thickened dye is squeezed out of a squirt bottle.

      Diamond Plate                     Grill                       Freeform Roller                 Tree Bark

            Jute                           Shobori                         Drizzle

These custom designs by artist Linda Spring are proprietary to her clothing line and each item is slightly different because each piece of fabric is individually produced.

Her clothing line is found in unique shopping venues.

Print Styles

Linda uses a specialized fabric printing process, which results in one of a kind art to wear, with print designs influenced by found objects in the artist's environment. 

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